Based in the Principality of Monaco, Art & Environnement Association’s mission is to organize exhibits, as well as artistic and cultural events with the idea of using art as a catalyst for individuals, companies, communities and leaders to focus on the challenges the environment is facing and sensitizing them to the damage caused by natural disasters and climate change for their active environmental protection.

Sculptures, images and photographs can touch us on an emotional level that words alone are not able to reach. Through these exhibits and events we want to engage the public individually or collectively in environmental awareness and to take action by supporting environmental programs and education.


Covering one third of the planet and playing a key role in the battle against climate change, vast areas of forests are devastated on all five continents causing worldwide deforestation at an alarming rate of around 13 million hectares per year, an area the size of Greece or Nicaragua.

A witness of the 2003 devastating forest fires in the Massif des Maures Forest in Southern France, artist Philippe Pastor expresses his anger, his revolt and endeavors to make every individual aware of their own actions by using the universal language of art.

Through his art, Pastor evokes a personalized vision of nature by working directly in nature, with nature and artistically translating man’s interaction with it.


Since autumn 2003, following the forest fires in the Massif des Maures Forest in Southern France and having the authorization of the corresponding Government Agencies and Municipalities, Philippe Pastor goes to the forest to collect burnt tree trunks and creates the « Burned Trees » sculptures.

Pastor then cuts, transports and carves the blackened trunks, and through the magic and poetry of art, the trunks are sculpted and painted giving them new life.

The « Burned Trees » sculptures have become an emblem of deforestation and can be found exhibited throughout the world, in countries such as Kenya, France, Singapore and the United States.

In 2007 Pastor partnered with the United Nations Environmental Program at the launching of the Plant for the Planet Campaign placed under the high patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco and the late Professor Wangari Maathai 2004 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who endeavored to plant a billion trees for combating climate change.



Burned Trees



Always interested in art and in the environment, Pastor developed a technique using living matter in his immediate surroundings. Combining soil, pigments, minerals, plants and leaves of all kinds, he represents his vision of life and environmental destruction on canvas, reminding us of the earth’s beauty and its natural resources.

Four Seasons series

The « Four Seasons » series centers on the idea of climate change and the earth’s seasonal cycle. Under the open sky, where the works remain for months, they evolve with nature, through weather and natural erosion conditions, allowing them to unceasingly transform.

H2O series

The urgent need to preserve and respect the world’s natural resources gives birth to the « H2O » series. These works mimic the flow of water, its fluidity and harmony, the main resource for life. They are created on canvases laid across the Earth’s surface, imitating the natural movement of water enhanced by combining natural pigments of lively multiple color.